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Where to go?

For years, TEFL teaching has been a hidden secret for degree holders to discover once they have graduated. It has proved to be the perfect new employment for those seeking adventure and the thrill of seeing the world. Furthermore, for many it has become a welcome source of income for people who have completed their degree courses and have had to join the queues of young budding graduates applying for their first 'real' job. It is true that for many, a TEFL teaching job abroad is seen as 'stop gap'. TEFL roles have enabled people to take an additional year or so after graduation to see the world while earning a healthy wage, but how do you decide where to go at first?

One of the great things about TEFL teaching is that it enables a person not just to see one country, but actually see a variety of locations once they have built up their C.V. In fact, many experienced TEFL teachers describe their job as ‘a kind of bug’. At first, they may have been the somewhat shy university graduate that turned up in Hangzhou or Seoul, having landed their first role in China or South Korea. However, after a couple of contracts they have become a comfortable, well-rounded TEFL teacher taking advantage of their passport to the world’s finest landmarks and locations.
It is true that TEFL teaching can become whatever a person wants it to be. For many, their first TEFL role serves as a means of getting paid while seeing a new country, and then they return happily to their own country a wiser person with a wider viewpoint on the world. However, for many people TEFL teaching can become a way of life, a career they never even knew about, let alone live themselves.

Browse through the available jobs in different countries before making your decision. Whether you want to go to China or the Czech Republic, there's sure to be the perfect TEFL teaching journey out there for you.

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